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2019-2020 Sunday S2 Subscription

ALICE TULLY HALL : Sun 3/15/20 5:00PM - Sun 5/17/20 5:00PM

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This Sunday collection features 7 unique concerts in Alice Tully Hall.

BARTÓK'S SONATA FOR TWO PIANOS AND PERCUSSION Sunday, March 15, 2020 5:00PM   ·   More Info »

A feast for the eyes and ears, Bartók’s ingenious creation stands alone in the chamber music literature, an astonishing synthesis of percussion and keyboard. Also featured on the program are two more milestones: Dohnányi’s delectable Serenade, the 20th century’s first string trio, and Tchaikovsky’s String Sextet ne plus ultra, “Souvenir de Florence.”

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GERSHWIN'S RHAPSODY IN BLUE Sunday, April 19, 2020 5:00PM   ·   More Info »

In terms of pure musicality, George Gershwin was America’s Schubert. He composed with a creativity and skill that immortalized his art, and hardly any of his works is more embedded in the world’s musical consciousness than Rhapsody in Blue, originally described by Gershwin as a “symphony” for piano solo and jazz band. This extraordinary chamber music program pays tribute to great composers who crossed the bridge between the classical and jazz idiom, with dazzling results.

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MENDELSSOHN'S OCTET Sunday, May 17, 2020 5:00PM   ·   More Info »

We end our milestone season with a work rightly considered a true miracle: Mendelssohn’s Octet. Written by the composer when he was only 16 years old, it is as masterful in every way as the valedictory works of any composer. Words cannot describe the excitement this piece generates in the concert hall; one simply has to experience it. Mendelssohn’s Octet has inspired countless works, two of which are on this program: Shostakovich’s compact and frenetic octet of 1925, and Enescu’s towering octet of 1900.

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